Other Research

Prototype 21 megapixel passive depth sensor: 40 x 27 degree, very high signal/noise ratio.

Prototype 300 megapixel, 360 x 27 degree (panoramic) depth camera and algoirthm.

Prototype 2 megapixel video (1080/60p), moving baseline dense-pixel matching and geometry method.

4 megapixel, single aperture, 30 frame/second, photometric stereo (active illumination) method.

Real-time unknown-baseline fully-dense image correspondence

Real-time multi-million vertex per second motion capture

Geospatial data-driven surface and volumetric rendering algorithms (Pictured: Google Earth clone using USGS GTOPO30 data, icosahedral subdivided geometry, automatic level of detail, volumetric atmosphere).

Fully parametric 3D part / assembly prototyping and rendering algorithms.