Core Capabilities

  • Development of innovative 3D vision systems
  • Development from rough concepts to production systems
  • General-purpose software development in Matlab, C/C++ and CUDA
  • Rapid hardware / software prototyping and proof-of-concept work
  • Technology tradeoff studies
  • Engineering risk analysis
  • Consulting and contract work
  • Technical writing

Application Areas

  • Autonomous robot terrain sensing
  • Autonomous vision, navigation and hazard detection
  • Target / threat detection and identification
  • Surveillience, intelligence and data mining
  • Geo-registration of aerial and ground imagery
  • Scene and target segmentation
  • Industrial / manufacturing measurement and automation
  • Security systems
  • Stereotactic Medical Technologies
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Novel photographic techniques and technologies

Vision System Capabilities

  • Single, stereo and many-aperture methods
  • Multi-megapixel sensors
  • Fixed, moving and unknown baseline correspondence
  • Sparse and dense pixel correspondence
  • Snapshot and video framing
  • Passive and active illumination
  • Range, normal vector sensing and hybrids
  • Polarimetry, shading and photometric stereo methods
  • Surface reflectivity modeling (BRDF)
  • Calibrated and calibration-free methods
  • GPU processing (NVidia CUDA)
  • Lens calibration methods for high order and exotic lens aberations
  • Real time surface and volumetric rendering (OpenGL)